French Acting Courses in London

Theatre Classes

The courses are given in French and Magali Muxart is the main tutor/leader.

Sessions are held in Brixton every Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 7pm to 9.30pm.

A session will typically consist of a body and vocal warm-up through exercises that are devised to enhance and refine playing techniques, followed by improvisations and rehearsals predicated on the agenda at hand.

The course usually serves as the catalyst for the creation of a performance, with shows being performed in the summer.


Cinema Class

This course focuses on french speaking professional actors or with an advanced level of acting.

Caroline Lena Olson and Magali Muxart will regularly contributes to the course as well as other invited guests.

The objective is:

-Helping actors integrate the British acting industry by offering practical advice ( cv, show- reel, photos and guidance regarding casting directors and agents )
-Acting in english and perfecting skills for auditions and castings. Finding appropriate material to present to directors and casting directors.
From the beginning Caroline and Magali wanted to create a platform for actors to share: links, contacts, projects, ideas, in short all practicalities that might help to gain precious time.

Actors are welcome to join the CINEMA CLASSE after a short interview process. CV and photo are required.